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We Work Hard To Alleviate The Discrimination Against Men

The attorneys at the Law Firm of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA have spent their legal career protecting the rights of men involved in family law matters such as alimony disputes.

Husbands frequently discover the biases built into the family law system when they become involved, personally.

We work hard to eliminate the effects of discrimination against men. Contact the firm of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA to learn more.

Women Transformed

Somehow, the divorce system has not caught up with the gender-equity progress made by women in the last half century. For some inexplicable reason, a metamorphosis occurs during the initial consultation that a divorcing wife has with her prospective attorney.

Self-confident, well-educated, resourceful women are induced into portraying themselves as trembling, financially inept and unemployable victims with their only marketable skill being stay-at-home motherhood.

This unconscionable stereotype fuels even more unconscionable claims for large chunks of assets and outrageous sums for alimony. And the women, perhaps fueled by greed, revenge, malice, and/or bad advice, often go along with this pretense.

The Need for Gender Equality

We work hard to level the playing field, protecting husbands against revenge and greed-driven alimony and asset claims . We believe that divorcing parents have a duty to support themselves individually and their children equally.

We fight against lawyers' sexist portrayals of women as victims merely to enhance financial and asset allocation. We work hard to obtain a true equitable division of assets in divorce , and fairness in alimony.

Fighting for Equal Rights for Men

Our law firm fights for equitable sharing of the burdens of divorce . If a spouse needs to complete education or secure training in order to improve earning capacity, we advocate for limited or rehabilitative alimony.

We work to include alimony reviews in divorce decrees. We believe that both parties in a divorce are adults, and each should be responsible for their own self-support.

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