Men's Divorce Rights

Protecting Men's Legal Rights

Divorce for Men:

Paternity, Child Custody, Child support, Domestic Violence & Adoption Cases!

The rights of husbands and fathers are often disregarded in the midst of family law controversies. Very often men are overlooked and treated unfairly. At the law office of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA , we are dedicated to advancing Men's Divorce Rights .

Our practice is focused on representing men in family legal matters such as divorce , custody and support , paternity , and domestic violence cases.

As a men's rights law firm , we work to bring gender equality to family law. It is the mission of our firm to level the playing fieldwhere men are otherwise treated unfairly.

You may be searching for answers about visitation rights for fathers in florida , or maybe you need to know the effects of discrimination against men or you may just want some information about your rights as a father , during a divorce. We can help you.

Men deserve a chance for a fair deal in a divorce, paternity, custody, support or other Family Law matter. You deserve a chance to parent your Child. Do not risk losing the chance to be a parent to your child. The law firm of Adams & Associates, PA can help.

Call today and speak directly to Jerry Adams, a Florida attorney with OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. We are the Broward County men's divorce and custody lawyers you can trust to represent you aggressively in your Family Law case.

  • We know men's divorce.
  • We are aggressive.
  • We are understanding.
  • Our law firm will stand behind you all the way!

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