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Support & Custody Order Changes

Do You Know If You Qualify For A Change In Support Or Custody Orders?

Changes may qualify you for a change in support or custody orders.

The attorneys at the Law Firm of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA urge clients to explore any change in financial circumstances or living situations that might qualify you for a change in support or custody orders.

Being laid off, having your former spouse get a better job, or learning that her new partner is abusive are all matters that should be looked at with an eye to submitting a Supplemental Petition for Modification.

If your former spouse or the mother of your child is intending to relocate to another area or state, resulting in increased travel costs or less child visitation, it may be cause for a modification of support or custody. For any change in circumstances that affect support, custody, or visitation, contact the divorce litigation lawyers at the Law Firm of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA.

Contempt and Enforcement of Support in Divorce Litigation Issues

The attorneys at the South Florida Law Firm of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA help men charged with contempt for failing to pay child support . Such charges are often a result of a significant change in the father's circumstances, caused by serious illness or losing a job. If you have fallen behind in support because of a changing financial situation, we can help by petitioning the court for modification of support orders and defending contempt charges for failing to pay child support.

Even if there is a working informal agreement to the change, it is important to have such changes formally acknowledged by the court. Informal consent to lower support payments does not legally modify the support obligation. The paying parent can always be hauled into court at any time for enforcement and collection of delinquencies. Let our office pursue a Supplemental Petition for Modification of Child Support on your behalf to reflect the change in your circumstances .

If you are faced with the need to change or prevent change in existing custody or support orders, contact the divorce litigation attorneys at the Law Firm of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA. Take charge of your situation.

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