Visitation Rights For Fathers In Florida

Visitation Rights For Fathers

Child Visitation and Custody Rights For Fathers in Florida

At the Law Firm of Gerald Adams & Associates, PA, we believe the "best interests of children" and "shared parenting" are not mutually exclusive. We work to equalize parenting time between mothers and fathers, divorcing spouses or unmarried parents, making sure children have the chance to be with their loved ones as much as possible. To learn how we can help you remain a frequent and positive presence in your children's lives, call the South Florida Child Custody Attorney today for a free initial phone consultation.

Being a father is arguably one of the MOST important and special roles you will have in your lifetime. You deserve a chance to continue being a parent and to teach your child about the world. You deserve to be there for your child and your child deserves to have you there. Do not let anybody take that from you.

Father-phobia: Old and New

For many decades it was presumed that custody of children of "tender years" was best with mothers because it was wrongly perceived that fathers are inept as parents. Fortunately for men and grandfathers, the law has trended toward gender-neutrality. And though fathers seeking child custody have gained ground in recent years, men are still burdened by the old stereotypes. As a father, knowing your visitation rights can help you and your child in the process and aftermath of the divorce proceedings.

Physical vs. Legal Custody

Child custody has two aspects: physical and legal. Physical custody involves the actual living arrangements of the child, whereas legal custody concerns the responsibility for, and participation in, making important decisions on behalf of the child. Fathers are often denied child custody because it is, quite simply, an easy way out.

Custody Fights as Smoke Screens for More Money

Custody is not always about the children. Many times custody is just about the money. We have seen many cases where child custody fights, even to the exclusion of visitation, are strategic maneuvers to maximize child support , alimony, and asset awards. Afterwards, when the battle is won, the barriers to child access mysteriously fall away, only to be raised again if payments are not prompt or egos are bruised.

How We Help Florida Fathers in Visitation and Custody Matters

We begin by fighting for equal parenting time and vigorously enforcing the parenting time you are given with your children. We make sure the final divorce judgment includes notification in the event of relocation and other decisions that should involve both parents. After the divorce , we urge you to keep track of any informal adjustments in the custody and visitation schedule. If an access pattern develops that is favorable to you, we can file a petition for a modification of the original judgment. Our goal in all custody matters is to keep you connected with your children.

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