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Getting a divorce is almost never easy, and when you have children, it can be a mess even if things are amicable with you and your ex.   Dividing up custody of a child that you are used to seeing every day can be hard, and the truth of the matter is that courts have a tendency to look more favorably on the female parent unless confronted with a reason to think otherwise.   At Adams Law for Men, we provide the option for an affordable divorce attorney that can help you make sure that things are settled fairly.

With the right lawyer on your side, your voice can and will be heard in court. Attorneys for father's rights can be an essential tool, and we can help show why you deserve custody of your kids and can make sure that the judge understands your side of things. If you have been the victim of domestic violence, need help establishing paternity or feel that you deserve more custody and child support payments, our Miami men's divorce attorney services can help.

Adams Law for Men is dedicated to helping you maintain the ability to parent your child and to be a father.  When you need the best divorce attorney Miami, Florida has to offer for dads, turn to us.  We have a number of areas of practice when it comes to family law, and our team has the experience and education needed to help you in court.  We strive to be an affordable divorce attorney, and you can call us today at 954-353-5035 for a free phone consultation.  Don't let your rights as a parent get decided without your voice being heard.  Call us or contact Adams Law for Men online right away to make sure that someone is advocating for you!

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